Society of Novel Action of Macrolide


Regulations of the Society of Novel Action of Macrolide

1. General rules

The society is called as “The Society of Novel Action of Macrolide”.

2. Purposes

The society aims to clarify the pharmacological mechanism of action except for the direct antibacterial action in regard with the drug having macrolide structures. It also aims to improve treatment techniques and contribute to the national health in result by influencing upon clinical application through candid discussion among the society’s members.

3. Activities

The society will implement the following activities for achieving the purposes mentioned in 2.
1) Symposium or workshop takes place once a year in principle.
2) The result of research is published in the specialized journal once a year.
3) Activities are disclosed to public broad through the web page.
4) Research funds and materials are supported to the concerned research.

4. Members

The society consists of medical doctors and researchers supporting the purposes mentioned in 2.

5. Board members

1) The society consists of the following board members.

Managers Several people
Chief manager The one person selected from managers
Organizing members Several people
Accounting controllers 2 persons from managers
2) The board meeting is the decision making function and takes place once a year.
3) The chief manager for the year is selected from managers. The re-selection is possible. The chief manager is responsible for operation of the society.
4-1) The chief manager selects operating managers from the members.
4-2) The operating mangers support the chief manager and operate the manager meetings.
5) Two accounting controllers are selected from managers. The assignment is a year, but re-assignment is possible.
6) Managers are selected from the members.

6. Advisory board

1) The society can have advisors.
2) Advisors give advise for the society’s operation and activities to contribute the improvement of the society.

7. Incentive award

The society gives the incentive award and supplemental prize to the person presenting the excellent research to promote research. The award selecting members select the excellent papers from the papers presented in the annual meeting, and the award is given to the presenters at the next annual meeting. The selecting members consist of the chief manager of the year and other chief members in the past meetings.

8. Secretaiat

The secretary office is placed hereunder and the secretariat implements administration and accounting process.

9. Meeting

Organizing members plan the date, venue and program of the annual meeting, and make a decision by approval from the chief manager.

10. Accounting

1) The fiscal year of the society is from April 1 to March 31. The manager committee receives the audit report from the controller.
2) Donation and participating fees for meetings and workshops cover the fund of the society.

11. Supplementary rules

1) The revision of regulation is passed by the majority of managers.
2) Promoters (3 people) of the society replace the role of chief manager for the first year’s meeting and workshop in spite of the item 5 and 8.

12. Additional rules

The regulation is effective from April 1, 1994.
The 1st revision: July 5, 1996
The 2nd revision: July 18, 1997
The 3rd revision: July 9, 1999
The 4th revision: July 19, 2002
The 5th revision: July 14, 2006
The 6th revision: July 13, 2007