Society of Novel Action of Macrolide


This society has been supported by many researchers in Japan as well as overseas since its foundation in 1995. The effects by a long-term and low volume administration of macrolides on not only DPB but also chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis and chronic sinusitis have become to be expected since Kudo, currently chief director of Fukujuji Hospital, found a long-term therapy of erythromycin in small volume for diffuse panbronchiolitis (DPB) in 1984. Many researchers started to have interest in its mechanism and reported the research data in different fields. Sine each specialist made the report in different fields, it became necessary to hold the scientific meeting for various researchers in different fields to clarify the mechanism. Therefore, this society was founded for the opportunity where different specialized researchers could get gather and discuss from each standpoint. Recently the research has evolved to the topic like the effect of macrolide for influenza virus and development of macrolide without antibacterial effect. Furthermore the research on the novel action of macrolide has been active in Japan as well as overseas, and the international research activities have been expected.

The new action mechanism and clinical application of macrolide antibiotics have been presented at the annual meeting. The proceedings have been updated in the Japanese Journal of Antibiotics once a year. The scientific award has been presented to the excellent research to support the further development. The purposes of the society are that all participants have shared the contents of discussion at the meeting and the results of research produced by the association have contributed to clinical application, technical improvement in treatment and people’s health benefits.