Society of Novel Action of Macrolide


Shoji Kudo, Representative of the society of the novel action of macrolide
Director, Fukujuji Hospital
Emeritus Professor, Nippon Medical School

The 1st meeting of the society of the novel action of macrolide was held on July, 1994 when the 10 years passed after the Erythromycin (EM) therapy against diffuse panbronchiolitis (DPB), the one of intractable respiratory diseases was first reported.
 In those days, both clarification of pharmacological effect (novel action) and expansion of clinical application of antibacterial activity except for both 14-membered macrolide like CAM and RXM and 15-membered macrolide were expected from the research on the action mechanism of EM therapy for DPB. Such circumstances, both researchers in the clinical field of respiratory internal medicine and otorhinolaryngology and researchers in the basic field of pharmacology and microbiology founded the society of the novel action of macrolide in order to move the research forward in cooperation.
The society has played the important role to promote the research on the novel action of macrolide in Japan centering on the annual meeting held in July every year for more than 15 years.
The macrolide therapy such as the cystic fibrosis treatment has drawn more attention worldwide. It has expanded further from chronic airway inflammation in the respiratory and otolaryngology fields to different clinical fields. It has also increased expectation of potential for clinical application in the areas with social impact such as resistance effect to the rhinovirus and influenza infections and prevention of acute sever COPD.
We aim that the society of novel action of macrolide will open for all people interesting the macrolide research to join without reserve.